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6 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating Every Day

By Jennifer / August 1, 2015

All foods in nature contain both alkaline and acid forming elements. Based on the food we consume, balance can either be attained or not attained in the body. Consuming too many acid forming foods can cause a condition called acidosis and this can have consequences on our health


How to stock your fridge

By Jennifer / July 25, 2015

Is one of your goals to be more organized? Why not start with your fridge? Stocking your fridge with accessible, nutritious food will help you to maintain a healthy diet and limit temptation. Here’s how to get started:


How to start a food journal

By Jennifer / July 20, 2015

If you’re looking to drop a few pounds then one of the best ways to do it is by keeping a food journal. This means writing down every single thing you put in your mouth for a few day, a week or even a month. Why is this so effective? Because the journal doesn’t lie. […]


Sugar and Eating Clean

By Jennifer / July 15, 2015

What about sugar? Is it possible to include it while eating clean? Yes, as long as you eat the correct type of sugar. One of the basic principles of eating clean is eliminating all processed foods. White sugar and corn syrup are both heavily processed and should really not be part of your diet. In […]


5 Ways to Eat Clean When You Are Broke

By Jennifer / July 8, 2015

  Do you feel like you’re too broke to eat healthy? Not sure how to feed your family when you’re bank account gets a bit low? Lean times can make eating fast food tempting. Do yourself and your family a favor and resist ordering from the “dollar menu” because it’s cheaper. No matter how tight […]


Never eat ingredients you can’t pronounce

By Jennifer / July 7, 2015

The number one rule of eating clean is to EAT REAL FOOD. I think we can make this whole healthy eating thing way too complicated sometimes. All we really need to do is to eat primarily foods that come from nature. So what does this look like? Focusing on eating vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, […]


5 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

By Jennifer / July 1, 2015

Think that storing something in the refrigerator is no big deal? It is if it changes the taste, flavor or lowers the nutritional content of the item. Your fridge should be considered a short term holding place, not a long term storage facility. Here are 5 foods you should never refrigerate – a few were […]


What should I be eating?

By Jennifer / June 23, 2015

Wondering what to eat when you decide to start eating clean?  It can be really easy to get caught up in this diet or that diet. Then there’s whole high protein low carb thing. Or the counting points or counting calories thing. I think sometimes we can make eating overly complicated. So here’s a simple […]


3 Easy Ways to Start Eating Clean Right Now

By Jennifer / June 21, 2015

A question that I get all the time is simply how to get started with Clean Eating. In addition to eating breakfast, eating protein with each meal and eating every 2-3 hours, incorporate the following:  Start making your own salad dressing. There are way too many yucky ingredients in prepared salad dressings, including high fructose […]

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