Extra virgin olive oil has amazing health benefits. It’s considered an anti inflammatory, full of antioxidants, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and can even help reduce the incidence of certain cancers. As awesome as extra virgin olive oil is, you may want to add these oils to your diet as well.

  1. Coconut oil. Coconut oil is made from pressed, dried coconut meat. It is perfect in baked good, over popcorn and in sauteing. It’s heart healthy too!
  2. Macadamia nut oil. Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, this oil is light and has a delicious buttery flavor. ¬†You can use macadamia nut oil in any recipe calling for melted butter, such as muffins or yeast breads. It’s also perfect for pan frying meats.
  3. Tigernut oil. Tigernuts are actually small tubers. (Tubers are modified plant structures which store nutrients.) This makes it an excellent choice if you need an allergen free option. This oil withstands high heat cooking so it’s perfect for sauteing vegetables.