Looking for something to drink other than water? Have you given up soda and want a clean eating alternative that is fun to drink? Try these naturally effervescent drinks!

1. Seltzer – Seltzer is simply water than has been infused with carbon dioxide. Try it over ice mixed with a bit of pomegranate juice or orange juice or squeeze a little lemon juice into it.

2. Sparkling apple cider – Tasty chilled or hot! Try it with a cinnamon stick or even a splash of orange juice.

3. Ginger beer – This intensely flavored fermented beverage tastes great on its own or with a splash of lime juice.

4. Kombucha – This is a fizzy, probiotic rich, fermented tea that is very beneficial for the digestive tract. Kombucha is low in calories and low sugar (just 4 grams of sugar per 16 ounces).

You may want to try some smoothies as clean eating alternatives. Here is a list of 7 for you to try: https://cleaneatingonline.com/7-delicious-smoothie-recipes