Do you feel like you’re too broke to eat healthy? Not sure how to feed your family when you’re bank account gets a bit low? Lean times can make eating fast food tempting. Do yourself and your family a favor and resist ordering from the “dollar menu” because it’s cheaper.

No matter how tight you might be financially, it’s not worth putting your health at risk by resorting to “cheap” fast food. By making a habit of eating unhealthy food you risk getting ill, maybe even seriously ill. Would you rather invest in your health now or pay the doctor later? Yes, purchasing healthy food can be more expensive but it doesn’t HAVE to be.┬áHere are some healthy, inexpensive items that will get you through a lean time

  1. Beans and rice – Beans rock ’cause they are a vegetable AND a protein! Plus, they’re super cheap, full of fiber and filling. Beans and rice make a healthy lunch or dinner. To save time, make a big batch of brown rice and store it in the fridge for later.
  2. Eggs – OMG eggs are SUCH a lifesaver when you need a fast meal. Eggs are a complete protein source and they’re so versatile! You can scramble them, hard boil them, make an omelette or hard boil them. Click here for some tasty recipes featuring eggs.
  3. Oatmeal – I buy oatmeal from my local health food store for about $1.33 a pound. When money is tight buying items in bulk can really save a lot of money. In addition to oatmeal, I buy dried fruit, quinoa, rice, granola, and nuts in bulk and save TONS!
  4. Pasta – Look for store brands versus name brand when it comes to pasta to save money here. A simple meal of pasta with marinara is an inexpensive way to feed your family. Click here for an awesome recipe for homemade marinara that is super cheap and delicious. You can even freeze any unused portions for a later meal.
  5. Fruits and vegetables – You don’t have to give up fruits and vegetables when you’re broke. Trader Joe’s always has great deals on produce. Organic carrots at Trader Joe’s are 89 cents a pound. Bananas are 19 cents each. I also buy bags of organic apples for just $2.99!