Smoothie on a table

Who doesn’t love a smoothie? NO ONE – that’s who! Smoothies are an excellent breakfast when you’re eating clean. They’re healthy, portable and super delicious! Here are my favorite 7 delicious clean eating smoothie recipes:

  1. Spinach Blueberry Smoothie – A delicious way to eat your greens!
  2. High Protein Smoothie – The perfect pre-workout meal.
  3. Kiwi Berry Smoothie – Yummy and refreshing, this smoothie makes a tasty snack.
  4. Banana Chocolate Smoothie – Tastes just like a peanut butter banana milkshake!
  5. Oatmeal Smoothie – This one is a great way to have “breakfast on the go”.
  6. Cherry Chocolate Smoothie – So rich and creamy, you’ll forget you’re eating clean!
  7. Pumpkin Smoothie – You’ll love this one – tastes just like pumpkin pie.