find time to work out

Are you not working out because you just don't have the time? If so then you are not making yourself a priority. 

And that's a problem. If you don't make yourself a priority then you will promptly put yourself on the back burner. I think this is a serious problem for women in particular. You take care of the house, you take care of things at work, you organize the kids eight kagillion activities, you run all the errands, you do so much for so many. And what about you? You tell yourself you'll get to you just as soon as you find the time, right? Sound familiar? I admit I am SUPER guilty of this. 

Look, we all have the same 24 hours. We all have the exact same amount of time to get our crap done. The only way to make sure you get a workout in is to put yourself on the list.​ And then stick to the plan. You will significantly increase the happiness of those around you if you are happy.

Not a morning exerciser type? Take a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. Or maybe your workouts seem to go better later in the day. So make sure you pack your workout gear in your car so you can hit the gym after work. There is ALWAYS a way to make yourself a priority. And aren't you worth it?​