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Cancer Causing Chemical Found in Tap Water of 218 Million in US

Chromium – 6  has been found in dangerous levels in the tap water of over 200 million American households.  Chromium – 6 gained national attention after the release in 2000 of the movie “Erin Brockovich”, the true story about an activist who discovered that chromium – 6 had polluted the water in a small town …

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What if Women Decided to Like Their Bodies?

What if Women Decided to Like Their Bodies? The diet and fitness industry can be a slippery slope when it comes to “self improvement”.  If we’re never satisfied with how we look, if we always see ourselves as less than, if we constantly compare ourselves to others, then they can sell us the newest gadget, …


How to Have a Healthy July 4th Weekend

  Ahhh…the weekend! Time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately weekends can be a disaster when it comes to healthy eating. All that delicious, tempting food all around you. The drinks are flowing, the appetizers look heavenly and my goodness, those desserts! What’s a clean eater to do? Not to worry …

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5 Immunity Boosting Foods

  There are many things that can affect your immunity in a negative way. Lack of sleep, stress along with poor eating habits can hamper your immune system. This can leave you vulnerable to colds and flu and also may make you more likely to develop more serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes. But you …

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It Pays Off

It pays off. It really, truly does. When you have a fitness goal it can be very easy to get discouraged when you’re not seeing the results you want like, right now.


Bottled Waters Containing Fluoride and Why You Should Care

Does your bottled water contain fluoride? More importantly, why should you care about fluoride?Fluoride affects the brain. The EPA lists fluoride among about 100 chemicals for which there is “substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” There have been over 100 animal experiments showing that fluoride damages the brain and impacts learning and behavior.Fluoride causes symptoms of …


FDA Looks to Cut Salt Content in Food

This week the FDA issued guidelines targeting packaged food and restaurant meals that contain the majority of sodium that Americans consume on a daily basis. These voluntary proposals are the result of the Obama administration’s efforts to push the food industry to reduce the amount sugar and certain fats in an effort to improve the …


The Delicious Pineberry

Have you ever tried a pineberry? They look like white strawberries but taste like a pineapple! Believe it or not, this cute little berry is NOT a genetically modified fruit. It’s actually a hybrid of the South American strawberry variety Fragaria chiloenis and the North American strawberry variety Fragaria virginiana. The tasty result is a …