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Healthy Eating Starts before Birth

Did you know that your preference for some foods could very well have started before you were even born? According to various studies over the years, babies develop the senses of taste and smell during the second trimester of their mother’s pregnancy. It’s also been shown that babies have a distinct preference for sweet things …


Protect Your Health: Saving on Healthcare

  Ask any centenarian and they will tell you their secret to long life. It has to do with taking care of their body, mind, and soul. In today’s society that can be a challenge with the rising cost of health care. Learn to protect your health before you need a doctor.   Healthcare is …


Make the Most Important Meal of the Day the Healthiest Too

When trying to help your family eat healthier, like anything else in life, the best place to start is at the beginning. The first meal of the day is also the most important because without it our bodies aren’t fueled and ready for what the day may bring. By starting out healthy you’re paving the …


Is Your Picky Eater Getting All the Nutrients They Need?

As a parent you want what is best for your little guy or gal, especially when it comes to their health and the foods they eat every day. That is pretty easy to control when your child is a newborn who relies on you for 100 percent of their meals and snacks. IF you’re breastfeeding, …


The Farmers Market

Ahhhhhh…….finally! My local farmers market opened yesterday. I was able to get some fantastic local red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, as well as local May peas. I even picked up some locally made sourdough bread (yummy).


Farmer’s markets are such fantastic places. Not only do you support local farmers but you get to interact with the people who grow the food. It was encouraging to me that the market was bustling with people at 9:00 am on a Saturday morning.


This is hilarious!

It’s amazing to me how clever the marketing in the processed food world can be. Since its now “trendy” to eat locally grown food, Frito Lay has jumped on the bandwagon. This article mentions that Frito Lay chips are now claiming to be a “local” food. I guess we’re supposed to believe that this means …

Ezekiel Bread

Why You Should Be Eating Ezekiel Bread

If you haven’t tried Ezekiel bread, you should definitely give it a try! This bread is made from sprouted organically grown grains. There are several different varieties but I particularly like the Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Not only is it rich in protein but it’s completely flourless. This makes it a perfect clean eating food since …


What Your Animals Eat

You Are What Your Animals Eat by Jo Robinson                                                                               In my investigation into pasture-based farming, I’ve stumbled upon an alarming state of affairs: few animal scientists see any link between animal feed and human food. “Feed animals anything you want,” say the experts, “and it makes no difference to …