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Clean Eating Tips

What about fish?

Confused about which fish is safest to eat? When choosing which fish to eat, it’s important to remember to make sensible seafood choices to help save our oceans and sea life. Below are some of the the best choices for fish. These are abundant, well managed and fished or farmed in environmentally friendly ways.

Clean Eating Tips

Kellogg’s cereals

Spent much time in the cereal aisle lately? Generally speaking I don’t even go down that aisle but I found out about this online. Apparently Kellogg’s cereals have started placing claims on their boxed cerels about now they can actually boost your immunity! Is this crazy or what? We’re really supposed to believe that a factory made, overly refined sugar filled product can actually improve our health? You’re kidding me, right? I mean, I was born at night but not LAST night! It’s insulting how stupid these food manufacturers think we are.

But wait, it gets better…

Clean Eating Tips

The importance of exercise

While it’s true that this website is about clean eating, exercise is also important. The way your body looks can be broken down into three parts: 80% is the result of what you eat 10% exercise 10% genetics I don’t know about you, but I like those numbers. This means that you are 90% in …

Clean Eating Tips

Immunity boosting foods

  Being sick sucks, doesn’t it? What if there was a way to reduce or completely eliminate illness from our lives? Clean eating is the answer, people! Personally, I haven’t had a cold or the flu since I started eating clean. So here are some suggestions on how to eat to boost your immunity: 1. …

Clean Eating Tips

What should I be eating?

Wondering what to eat when you decide to start eating clean? ┬áIt can be really easy to get caught up in this diet or that diet. Then there’s whole high protein low carb thing. Or the counting points or counting calories thing. I think sometimes we can make eating overly complicated. So here’s a simple …

Clean Eating Tips

How to eat clean

This is the question I get asked all the time. I think people assume it’s really difficult and time-consuming. It’s really just a matter of planning all meals and snacks ahead of time. Here are some basic principles of clean eating that you’ll need to keep in mind: Eat primarily non processed foods. If it …