Our Clean Eating & lifestyle challenges will be small challenges that ANYONE can do. The idea is to implement a healthy habit every day to see how it fits for you. Putting even one of these healthy habits into your routine will be of benefit to you. Once a challenge is live you may join at any time.

14 Day Food & Fitness Challenge

It's back to school season and that means back to a routine. Fall is the perfect time to start eating more healthfully. Fall is also a great time to get moving!

For the next two weeks we are going to be sharing some delicious fall recipes, offering tips to help you meet your fitness goals and providing some inspiration along the way. Our goal is to help everyone to achieve optimal wellness. The Clean Eating 14 Day Food and Fitness Challenge is an excellent way to start!

Here's how the 14 day challenge works: Every morning for 2 weeks you'll receive an inspirational email message which contains one clean eating or fitness goal for to you to achieve.

Don't worry - these will all be fun and very doable. We will be available to answer questions and provide encouragement along the way. Although summer has come to a close it's important to eat clean, exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Welcome to fall!

7 Day NO Sugar Challenge

Does the idea of giving up sugar seem overwhelming? Are you worried that you can't make it 7 days without sugar? You're not alone. Sugar has become an insidious drug for most of us. It has the same addictive properties as tobacco and alcohol, meaning the more you eat, the more you need to be satisfied. And when you start reading labels you quickly discover that sugar is in almost EVERYTHING.

When I first decided to begin this challenge, I considered doing it gradually. Then I did a bit of research and discovered that the best way to end sugar cravings is to cut sugar all at once. Why? Since sugar is essentially an addictive drug, going cold turkey is the most effective method, otherwise the addiction center in the brain continues to get triggered. So the "slow and easy" strategy is NOT the way to go.

So let's DO THIS! It's only 7 days. you can do ANYTHING for 7 days. And if after that time you decide to go back to sugar then that's totally OK. Giving up sugar, even briefly, will increase your energy level, may help with weight loss, stabilize your moods and end your obsession with food.

30 Day Clean Eating Lifestyle Challenge

Kick your health and fitness goals into high gear. 

Here's how it works: For 30 days I will be posting a "Challenge of the Day". Don't freak out - these will be small challenges that ANYONE can do. The idea is to implement a healthy habit every day to see how it fits for you. Some challenges will be a perfect fit while others you may not like as much. No worries - the point is to get you to at least TRY one challenge a day for 30 days. Putting even one of these healthy habit into your routine will be of benefit to you.

Why am I doing this 30 day challenge? Primarily because I, just like many of you, could use a little motivation. Specifically, I really need to begin working out on a REGULAR basis. Enough of this "stop and start" stuff! I know we can all motivate each other to achieve our goals.

So what will the challenges look like? One day it may be to simply sit in silence for 5 minutes. Another day I'll ask you to make one of our awesome smoothies and have it for breakfast or a snack. Another challenge might be to simply walk for 20 minutes that day. These will all be healthy tips that will definitely result in positive changes for your health.

This is all totally FREE! Also, you will get lots and lots of support. I will be the "guinea pig" and will be posting my own progress daily. The goal is to have fun!!

So let's do this! Are you ready to change your life for the better?  I can't wait to get started!