The holidays are here! It’s such a fun time of year. I absolutely love the feeling in the air during the holidays. Gathering together with friends and family, feeling appreciation for all that we have and a general feeling of goodwill are commonplace this time of year. I also find that people I encounter are simply more cheerful around this time.

This is also a time of holiday parties, festive meals with family and lots of holiday treats everywhere you go. Temptation abounds everywhere now! It’s prime time to get derailed on the healthy eating you do all year. I know from personal experience that it’s challenging to turn down all those yummy looking holiday goodies. It seems like there’s a party or some sort of eating centered activity every other day from Halloween through New Year’s!

So what should you do to keep yourself from putting on those extra pounds during this time of year? Some would have you believe that it’s inevitable and that you should just give in and worry about losing weight in January. Don’t fall for it! You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You can definitely get through the holidays and NOT gain weight. Here’s how:

  • If you’re going to a party or somewhere where lots of unhealthy food will be served then eat something before you go. Do NOT go to a party hungry. If you have something to eat then you won’t feel as tempted when you come face to face with the buffet table. You’ll also make healthier choices if you’re not starving.

  • Drink LOTS of water. Think you’re drinking enough? You very likely aren’t. Before you go out to that office party have a few glasses of water. It will fill you up, keep you hydrated and make it less likely that you will overeat.

  • Go easy on the alcohol. Look, I know it’s the holiday season. You’re entitled to an adult beverage on occasion. Try to keep it to one or two drinks and keep it to once a week. Alcohol adds a lot of additional calories. In addition, drinking tends to lower your inhibitions and makes it really easy to eat food you otherwise wouldn’t.

  • Begin your New Year’s resolution BEFORE the holidays. Sounds crazy, right? All the temptation to eat and I’m suggesting you start a healthy eating plan NOW? Think about it this way: Wouldn’t you rather get healthy and/or lose weight sooner rather than later? Why would you put it off until January? Beginning a healthy eating program now gives you the extra motivation to decline those cookies and holiday candy (aka Christmas crack). Plus, there are some great deals on meal plans this time of year. (check out the awesome deal on our menu plans by clicking here)

Eating healthy requires being mindful of what you’re eating. You can enjoy this time of year without overindulging and feeling horrible about yourself come January. So have fun, eat healthy and enjoy yourself this holiday season!