fix your health

Exercising like crazy but not losing any weight? Unless you make changes to your diet then all that exercise won’t make a bit of difference in your waistline. A recent article in the Washington Post discussed the reasons why one in three adults are obese or overweight- and it’s not because we’re not exercising enough. It’s because many of us eat too many calories, consume too much sugar and/or too many processed foods. Read the full article here.

Numerous studies have proven that 80% of what you look like is due to what you’re eating.  10% is a result of exercise and the other 10% is your genetic makeup. Clearly, if you want to lose those extra pounds then you need to pay attention to what’s on your plate. An analysis by professor Simon Capewell at the University of Liverpool revealed that poor diet contributes to more disease and death than smoking, alcohol and physical inactivity combined! 

That doesn’t mean you should quit exercising. Exercise is essential in improving overall health and well being. Exercise helps to keep your heart healthy and improves your immune system function. So make sure to break a sweat most days of the week but remember that you simply cannot outrun a bad diet.