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How To Freeze Fruits and Vegetables

I thought I’d share some information on how to freeze some of those wonderful summer fruits and veggies so you can enjoy a bit of summer when the weather gets cold.

Strawberries – Freeze hulled, unwashed berries in a single layer on a tray, then seal in freezer bags

Melons – Peel melon, slice in half and discard seeds. Cut into cubes and seal in freezer bags

Blueberries and Raspberries – Freeze unwashed berries on a tray then put into freezer bags

Snap Peas & Green Beans – Blanch in boiling water until tender-crisp (1-2 mins) then drain and cool in ice bath. Drain well then put into freezer bags

Corn – Blanch whole cobs until tender (4-6 mins), then drain and cool in ice bath. Drain well, then slice off kernels. Seal in plastic bags.



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