pizza hut

OK so apparently Pizza Hut has actually come out with a pizza with a hot dog filled crust. (I think I just threw up a little after typing that.)  Pizza Hut’s PR department has stated that “unlike international variations, the Hot Dog Bites Pizza available in the United States, while supplies last, will be surrounded by 28 bite-sized hot dogs baked into the crust.” Click here to link to the full article. The pizza will come with a side of French’s mustard and a large pizza with one topping will be available for $11.99.

Yes, I realize that Pizza Hut is not exactly known for promoting healthy food but does anyone really need this in their life?

So how about instead of eating something that will hurt your heart, increase your risk of diabetes and obesity, you try this awesome Clean Eating Pizza recipe instead? It’s delicious even without the hot dogs and French’s mustard.