Ranch Dressing


I have a serious issue with ranch dressing. It really bothers me that so many kids only eat vegetables if they can dip them into this disgusting product. did you know that the main ingredient in ranch dressing is soybean oi? Soybean oil is a GM (genetically modified) food. Soybean oil has been associated with elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, many inflammatory conditions, and can even be a cause of infertility. Recent scientific research also suggests that it may be responsible for a very large number of heart attacks.  Take a look at this article for more information on why GM foods are unhealthy.

In addition to soybean oil, ranch dressing contains a large amount of refined sugar (it’s actually the fourth ingredient in the above product), which can also be attributed to a number of health problems, type 2 diabetes being one of them.

So what are the alternatives to putting a highly processed, dangerous salad dressing into your body? Making your own salad dressing! And no, it’s not complicated or time consuming. Try this incredibly delicious homemade dressing recipe! You’ll never buy bottled dressing again.

But what about the kids?  I’ve heard so many parents complain that their kids “refuse” to eat veggies without ranch. My response to this is to just not offer ranch as an option. It is necessary for children to learn to enjoy the taste of vegetables. You are the parent. You have the power to decide which foods will be in your house so it’s up to you to stop buying bottled salad dressing. Start a vegetable garden with your kids. This is a fantastic way to introduce them to the wonderful world of healthy food. My kids were so proud of the cherry tomatoes they grew in containers last summer. They ate them and LOVED them. I think kids tend to be more enthusiastic about food when they have a hand in preparing it.  Let your kids help you cook. Have them help with a vegetable garden. Visit a farmer’s market and bring your kids along. If possible, take them to a farm that lets you pick your own fruits and/or vegetables. Children need to know that food comes from nature, not the grocery store.