I really love writing about the “Nasty Food of the Week”. It’s very satisfying to help expose the processed food manufacturers and the crap they put out there for public consumption. I want us all to eat healthfully and achieve a life of optimal health!

So let’s get to this week’s nasty food, shall we? Here we have packaged shredded cheese. What could be wrong with this, right? Well how about this: One of the main ingredients in packaged shredded cheese is cellulose powder. Any guesses on what cellulose powder is? Wood pulp! Yep, in every package of shredded cheese you’re getting….pieces of wood.

Why do companies put this in their product? Well, for one thing, cellulose powder helps to coat the cheese and keeps it from clumping by blocking out moisture. Cellulose is being used more and more in products because it helps to replace fat content in food, boosts fiber content and reduces the need for increasingly expensive ingredients like oil and flour.

Think you’re safer because you buy organic? Think again. Even organic-food products can contain cellulose. Organic Valley uses powdered cellulose made from wood pulp in it’s shredded cheese products.

You’re better off buying cheese and just shredding it yourself. I mean, seriously, does it really take that long to shred cheese? Aren’t you and your family worth it?