Save money and avoid toxins with these household products

cleaning products 

Store bought cleaners are often toxic and can be quite expensive. Replace those yucky cleaners with the following natural products:

Lemon Juice: Great for digestion and sore throats; strengthens immunity, whitens clothes, cleans glass, excellent for highlighting hair, helps to shrink pores and makes an awesome disinfectant.

Coconut Oil: Can polish wood and makes a great lip gloss and  deodorant; prevents wrinkles, improves thyroid function and can reduce migraines.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Repels fleas, deodorizes laundry, can soothe a sunburn, treats acne, helps to control blood pressure, can cure yeast infections and prevent colds.

White Vinegar: Can polish silver, clean windows, unclog drains, cure an upset stomach, soothe a bee sting and can be used as a natural conditioner.

Baking Soda: Puts out fires, helpful for cleaning toilets or ovens, can be used in deodorants and toothpaste, heals diaper rash, treats heartburn.

Castile Soap: All-purpose cleaner, dish soap, can be used to mop floors, body wash, pet shampoo, toothpaste, treats eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems.

Castor Oil: Keeps away rodents, helps to keep plants healthy, strengthen eyelashes, heals cracked heels, softens cuticles, treats dry/itchy skin, can be used as a laxative, helps induce labor and can even reduce menstrual cramping.

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