OK so this probably doesn’t come as a shock or anything, but the new Frappuccino flavors that Starbucks is currently promoting are primarily sugar. What is shocking is exactly how much sugar they contain.

Check out the following chart:

frap sugar


Note that the Cinnamon Roll Frap contains a whopping 102 grams of sugar! To really get a picture of how much sugar that is, consider this – you would have to drink an entire liter of Coca Cola or eat 30 sugar cubes to get 102 grams of sugar. 102 grams of sugar is four times the amount you should have in a given day. Even the “healthier” option, the Lemon Bar Creme Frap, contains 71 grams of sugar.

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy an occasional treat every once in awhile but making these drinks a regular part of your routine would be unwise to say the least.