amys organic

I usually don’t get too excited when a new drive thru opens. Generally drive thru restaurants represent all that is wrong with food – greasy and filled with unhealthy ingredients. But in this case there is reason to be excited. The country’s first all-organic drive-thru has finally opened in
California! And what’s even better is that there were apparently people lined up out the door. The new Amy’s Organic Drive-Thru restaurant opened in Rohnert Park,California and it features an all-vegeterian menu with items like veggie burgers, salads, and even mac n’ cheese in both regular and vegan flavors. Read the full article here. 

Amy’s Organic signature frozen pizzas have always been a top seller in health food and grocery stores nationwide, and now Amy’s first restaurant is serving them up piping hot with toppings ranging from spinach and diced tomatoes to regular mozzarella cheese and even vegan “cheeze.” Amy’s Restaurant has been completely packed with long lines in the dining area and in the drive-thru, and reported wait times of 15-20 minutes.  While other fast food restaurants import virtually all of their products from factory farming operations, Amy’s actually grows produce on site thanks to its roof-bound garden.