If you’re eating clean, then you probably know the many reasons it’s beneficial to avoid foods that are processed. Well here’s something you might not know: Your skin will benefit greatly from avoiding highly processed foods like sugars and simple carbohydrates. Here’s why (adapted form NaturalNews.com):

Refined sugar consumption triggers a process called glycation in which the sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins. This results in harmful new proteins appropriately coined “AGEs” (advanced glycation end-products) that cause harm to all cells in the body.

They also make collagen proteins more rigid. The result is reduced elasticity in this important structural skin protein. Wrinkles and creases can then form more easily due to repeated expression and environmental damage.

High intake of refined sugar and processed carbohydrates compromises the whole underlying structure of the skin. It accelerates the process of aging by reducing the integrity and resiliency of the skin’s “foundation”.

Good to know that even your skin will benefit from clean eating!