I saw this in the store and I was immediately transported back to my childhood. I ate these a lot as a kid, sometimes topped with butter. (Yes I really did). Upon first glance it looks like a healthy product, right? I mean, it says right on the box that it’s made with whole grains and it’s even topped with sea salt. This is a perfect example of why you need to read the label.

Flip the box over and you will see some questionable ingredients. (Or, as one Real Housewife calls them, ingredientses) Something as simple as a saltine cracker ends up being not so simple (or healthy). The first ingredient is unbleached enriched flour. Whenever you see the word “enriched” on a label it means that the food has been processed and all of the healthy parts have been stripped out of the product which equals zero nutritional value.

Another bit of loveliness in these crackers is soybean oil. Soybean oil is a GM (genetically modified) food. Soybean oil has been associated with elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, many inflammatory conditions, and can even be a cause of infertility. Recent scientific research also suggests that it may be responsible for a very large number of heart attacks.

ALWAYS read the label on the food you eat. Know what you’re eating and try to eliminate all processed food as much as you can. You and your family will be so much healthier for it!