krispy kreme

Think everyone’s is concerned about healthy eating? If Krispy Kreme’s success is any indication, maybe we’re not as health conscious as I had assumed. While stores like Chipotle are going GMO free (click here to read more), McDonald’s is reportedly experimenting with kale, (!) and Dunkin Donuts is offering low calorie flatbreads,  Krispy Kreme is sticking with doughnuts and it certainly appears to be helping their bottom line. Krispy Kreme’s same stores sales were up over 5% last quarter!  Click here to read the full article.

Unfortunately, the fast food industry keeps coming up with more and more creative ways to poison us with excess sugar and calories. I recently wrote about Pizza Hut’s new Hot Dog Bites Pizza and Taco Bell’s latest horrendous creation. I’ve even noticed quite a few new local doughnut shops popping up in my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.

So is there a healthy food backlash going on? I don’t really think so. What I do know is that it’s always about the bottom line with fast food companies. They will continue to come up with calorie and sugar laden “foods” as long as people continue to visit fast food places. Yet you and I have the freedom to choose where our hard earned dollars will go. Vote with your wallet and choose to visit locally owned restaurants. Shop at farmer’s markets. Buy as many locally grown items as possible. Grow your own produce.

It’s encouraging that every day more and more of us are turning toward health and turning our backs on the fast food industry!